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About Us

Xandex Inc. was Incorporated August 22, 1980, by three Fairchild Semiconductor employees and their friends. The founders shared the classic Silicon Valley entrepreneurial spirit -- a desire to create and develop their own start-up.

Xandex Quality and Environmental Policies

Xandex is committed to Customer Satisfaction by providing products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations; these objectives shall be achieved by a quality management system that ensures continual improvement.

Social Responsibility

Through out our history and as we face the challenges of the future, our guiding principles are at the foundation of our Corporate Social Responsibility.

Xandex Incorporated

Xandex's mission is to be the preferred supplier of semiconductor test and solar solutions worldwide.

Xandex DieMark Inking Products

Xandex DieMark® Inking technology revolutionized die marking at wafer sort and has set the standard worldwide since 1981. DieMark Inking Systems are available in Electric and Pneumatic models and utilize convenient, disposable DieMark Ink Cartridges to streamline and optimize the process of marking defective die. With models available for nearly every test platform and configuration, Xandex inking systems are in operation daily in every corner of the world where wafer sort is performed.

All DieMark Inking equipment is built and tested to a demanding quality standard at our California manufacturing plant to insure that no matter what DieMark equipment you choose, it will operate with "around the clock" efficiency and dependability.

Xandex DieMark Website

SunMizer Solar Solutions

The solar products and services division of Xandex, Inc. was organized in 2007. Our mission is to be a premier provider of innovative products and services for the solar energy industry worldwide.

The Solar Division at Xandex markets it solar products under the SunMizer ® brand. SunMizer Solar Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of Solar Planning, Pre-installation, Procurement, Installation and Interconnection services for both residential and commercial solar projects.

In Residential solar, we specialize in working with developers, builders and contractors to plan and implement Solar in new home developments. In Commercial solar, we work with architects and builders to develop rooftop, ground mount or parking structure solar installations.

Our design philosophy dictates that solar should not only produce power efficiently and safely, but especially in rooftop mounted arrays, it should blend into the design concepts of the building it is installed on. We strive, through design and material selection, to implement solar in a way that complements the supporting structure and environment.

SunMizer Website

Xandex Ventures

Xandex Ventures is the wholly owned investment arm of Xandex Inc., legally organized as Xandex Investments LLC. Like most San Francisco Bay Area tech companies, Xandex Ventures was founded by entrepreneurs. Over the decades of doing business globally, we have striven to be innovative, entrepreneurial, progressive, and ethical in all of our business endeavors. We hope to spread these values as wide and as far as we can with the help of entrepreneurs. Our goal is to fund, support and nurture dynamic, bright and dedicated individuals and teams with a clear vision, and great aspiration to realize that vision through hard work, ingenuity and team spirit.

Xandex Ventures is a seed and early stage investor in emerging fields which we believe improve commerce and promote the well-being of individuals. Specifically we are seeking investment opportunities in mobile digital technology deployment for commerce, entertainment and digital health care; healthy lifestyles and eco-friendly products, and medical devices. Some past investments (and current portfolio companies) include ventures in Bio-Pharma and Renewables, however, we no longer participate in these investment classes.

Xandex Ventures Website

Kubi Telepresence Robot

The newest addition to Xandex product lines is Kubi. The Kubi Telepresence Robot is an interactive remote controlled robot that is designed to hold an Apple or Android tablet during live video meetings. Kubi is Japanese for "neck" and Kubi lives up to the name by providing 300 degrees of pan and 90 degrees of tilt movement, allowing a remote user to change viewpoints using simple browser based controls. Kubi enables video meeting attendees to look around the room and truely engage and connect with other attendees in a way not possible before.

It was through a significant investment and manufacturing agreement with San Francisco startup Revolve Robotics Inc., that Xandex first began manufacturing the Kubi robot in 2015. In May, 2017, when Revolve Robotics wound down operations and closed its doors, Xandex assumed all sales and support actitivities for Kubi products. Xandex completed the acquisition of Revolve Robotics assets and intellectual property in January, 2019.

The Kubi team at Xandex is planning new product and software improvements to enhance performance and expand Kubi's already impressive telepresence capabilities.

Kubi by Xandex Website

Working at Xandex

Our vision of being the preferred supplier of innovative technology solutions worldwide requires us to seek out creative solutions in our product design and manufacturing processes as well as our management practices. You will find a spirit of innovation and continuous improvement at the root of everything at Xandex. In our effort to be THE preferred supplier, we seek to exceed our customers' expectations while living by our guiding principles.

Guiding Principles

The guiding principles listed below are the core values that shape our corporate culture.

Xandex practices an "open door" management style that encourages the flow of communication through all levels of the organization. Company meetings are held quarterly so that every employee is well informed of our annual and quarterly goals and progress. Both formal and informal means are available to all employees in the organization for providing input on improving our processes and practices.
Xandex has built its reputation on developing and offering new and creative test solutions. By investigating and investing in the latest developments in electronics, materials science, business practices and computer/software technology, Xandex continues to be a leader in the development of next generation test solutions.
In 1997, Xandex was among the very few small companies who earned certification in ISO 9001 quality standards. In 2003, Xandex was re-certified in the revised ISO 9001:2000 standard. In 2010, Xandex was re-certified to the latest ISO 9001-2008 standard. At our company, Quality is not just the function of the Quality Department. It is ingrained in every aspect of our organization and is the responsibility of each and every employee.
A spirit of cooperation exists at Xandex. It is evident not only in our internal activities, but also in how we interact with our customers and suppliers. Internally, cross-functional teams are the core of our manufacturing, product development and process improvement activities. Externally, we partner with our customers and suppliers in finding unique and cost effective designs and test solutions.
In the competitive and volatile climate of any high tech industry, agility and accuracy (getting it right the first time) are necessities. Our managers are routinely challenged to raise the bar for themselves as well as for their staff. We believe that continuous improvement of individuals in our team benefits the entire organization. We often provide opportunities for advancement and promotions from within, as well as encourage personal and professional development by offering financial and educational assistance to all employees. Our commitment to providing a safe and healthy work environment is demonstrated by our progressive ergonomics program, which has been recognized in safety magazines. We have CPR and First Aid trained Safety Teams who drive our safety practices, which include quarterly site inspections, emergency practice drills, and ergonomics workstation evaluations. Our work environment and safety practices far exceed OSHA standards.
Since the time when Xandex was a small company, we have tried to provide competitive benefits and compensation for our employees. Our salary structure is founded on comparisons with High Technology Surveys, which represent much larger companies (in revenue and employee level). Our benefits, like fully vested 401K, are considered quite generous for the size of our company. We have shared our profits, our savings from process and safety (workers' compensation cost) improvements, and have always matched or offered better annual merit adjustments than national averages. Being a private, family-run business, we give extra care and consideration in looking out for the financial well being of our employees.
We believe that integrity is key in building relationships. Our management practices and policies consistently promote fair and ethical conduct. Xandex has always been highly diverse and passionate about its zero tolerance policy towards ANY form of harassment. Our policy and value system applies not only to our employees, but also extends to our customer and supplier interactions.
Xandex supports many non-profit and charitable organizations in our local community. We encourage participation in volunteer programs such as mentoring in our local schools, or adopt-a-school to promote math and science studies. Our ongoing donations to Sonoma State University, Petaluma Fire Fighters, The Salvation Army, Petaluma People Services, Women's Justice Center and many others are highly appreciated.

Employment Benefits

Xandex offers many immediate and vested benefits to our employees.

Immediate Benefits

Benefits Available on Hire Date

  • Paid Holidays
    (10 days per calendar year)
  • Sick Leave Accrual
    (1 hour accrues for every 30 hours worked with replenishing 64 hour cap)
  • Vacation Accrual
    (2 week vacation vested during 1-3 years of employment, increasing with years of service)
  • Wellness Program
    (Reimbursement of costs for weight-loss and smoking cessation programs)
  • Worker's Compensation Coverage

Vested Insurance Benefits

Insurance Benefits Upon Satisfactory Completion of 60-Day Introductory Period

  • Health Coverage Options*
    Kaiser Permenente HMO
    Sutter Health Plus HMO
    Western Health Advantage HMO
  • Dental Coverage*
    Premier Access: Including Orthodontics for Dependent Children
  • Life Insurance/Accidental Death & Dismemberment*
    (Employee only - $25,000)
  • Vision Coverage*
  • Supplemental Cash Disability Plan
    Offered by American Family Life Assurance Company (AFLAC) (Paid by Employee)
  • Cafeteria Plan
    (Permits "pre-tax" deduction of Health Premiums and Child Care Expenses)
* Xandex pays 100% of employee HMO Health, Life/AD&D, Vision and Dental options. Family / Dependant Coverage, Anthem Blue Cross PPO and EPO options are available at additional monthly charge.

Other Benefits

Vested Non-insurance Benefits Upon Satisfactory Completion of 60-Day Introductory Period

  • Membership to Redwood Credit Union
  • Employee Educational and Financial Assistance Programs
    (Reimbursement on tuition and books and 'no interest' loans secured against vacation accrual)
  • Profit Sharing
    (approved by Board)
  • Stock Option
    (Granted per Management's recommendation and Board of Directors' Discretion)
  • Recognition/Safety Incentive Programs
  • 401(k) Plan
    Option to participate for those 21 years of age or older. This program offers dollar for dollar matching of up to 4% of your gross annual salary which is 100% vested immediately.


Xandex supports many local and Bay Area non-profit organizations, a few of which are listed below. We encourage you to visit their websites to learn more about the invaluable services they provide to our community.

Xandex maintains a world class ISO 9001-2015 certified quality system, has multi-faceted engineering and design expertise and 37 years of successful experience in sales and marketing to global markets.


Contact Us

Xandex headquarters are located in Petaluma, CA
Office hours: M-F 7:30am-4:00pm Pacific Daylight Time (PDT=UTC -7:00)

Xandex 2022 Holiday Closure Schedule

Xandex will be closed on the following business days in 2022.

First business day in 2022 will be Monday, January 03, 2022
January 17, 2022 MLK Day
February 21, 2022: Presidents Day
May 30, 2022: US Memorial Day
July 04 2022 US Independence Day (observed)
September 05, 2022: Labor Day
November 24 & 25, 2022: US Thanksgiving Holiday
December 23, 2022 through January 2, 2023: Christmas, Scheduled Year-end Plant Closure and 2023 New Year's Holiday
First business day in 2023 will be Tuesday, January 03, 2023